Welcome to Infloo

Infloo was created as a soapbox for exciting new Micro-Influencers to work with exciting companies and have their voices heard at the same time. We work hard in the background to ensure that the Influencers and brands we work with both get the best out of working together, and we help build that relationship.

Why Infloo

Campaign Delivery

We manage the campaign delivery from concept to reporting and beyond

Brand Strategy

We help build, implement, and monitor the perfect influencer marketing strategy for the brand.

Recognised Brands

We work with internationally recognised brands and thought-leaders around the world to deliver the best content.

Better engagement

Infloo specialises in working with Micro-Influencers who generally have much higher engagement rates.

Positive Brand Awareness

We work with Influencers who use their platform to spread positive messages to their followers.

We Support You

We offer ongoing support and training to help make the most out of the content.

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